Welcome to Michael Trapp's work in interior design, landscape design & antiques.

  •  The Shop in West Cornwall is now Open on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 5pm. 
  • The shop is only available during the week by Appointment Only. 
  • Our Warehouse is also open by Appointment Only 
  • All customers must wear a mask.
  •  To make an appointment, please give us a call at 860.672.6098 or         e-mail alyssa@michaeltrapp.com.
  • Our Design Office is open Monday - Friday.

  • SPECIAL NOTE...Michaels Instagram Account has been hacked so please do not sent communication that way for the time being 

 Our retail shop is located at:

 7 River Road, West Cornwall, Connecticut 06796 



Thank you & See you soon!