Message to Customers!

 Welcome to the online shop of Michael Trapp!


You will find many curious treasures and fantastic assortments of rare furnishings, garden decorations, and various textiles on this site.

Due to the unique nature of Michael's business, we have created a special key to help customers identify a product's specific attributes. For example: Bowls, pots, jars and urns that were excavated from the Sea of Java are typically listed as "ship wreck" bowls, pots etc. Though we have a well rounded stock of these items, each is individually varied in appearance due to natural occurrences of time, erosion, and weathering. Coral or barnacle growth, and how salt reacted with the material, are contributing factors as well. These items are marked with a "rust" orange colored leaf. 


Certain items can be shipped through Fed-Ex. These items are typically light or middle weight, and are marked with a "rose" pink or "saffron" yellow coloured leaf. Other items must be shipped through an alternate shipper (not fed-ex) due to over-size, weight, or mass quantity. These items will be marked with an "emerald" green coloured leaf.


If you are interested in buying a heavy or over-sized item, please call our office at (860)672-6098 to inquire and obtain a shipping quote. A quote may take 2-4 days Domestic/ and up to 10 days International, depending on the following shipping details: the shipper you would like to go through, the shipper that is chosen by the business, and where you would like the item(s) to be shipped.  Thank you for your business!



-Michael Trapp Inc.